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Business As Usual

Business As Usual

I'm bout to go in and share a mentality in which I think more people need. Not what I've learned from my school teachers because you can't teach something you never done and I never wanted to live like my teachers. I was raised with an entrepreneurial mindset so it funny to me when they teach us to get good grades, go to college, graduate, so we can go out and get a "good" job doing what we love. I believe that sets you up for failure in today's world. Success books and the Bible say you should never do anything out of love for money. Think about it, if people really love what they do shouldn't they hate Friday and love Monday?! People really just love their freedom. Because let's face it, Jobs suck! They will never pay you what your worth and they will only give you enough money to survive and not to thrive. You have to go to the same place, in the same car, for the same paycheck to make your boss rich for 50 years of your life... If that's what you call success then go ahead! I believe we are all meant for something MUCH greater! I'm telling you this because I don't think your friends you went out with last weekend will talk to you like this. I see too many people partying every weekend, but what the hell they celebrating? I'm all about turning up, but let's celebrate our accomplishments! Not drink to forget our problems! We all have ONE life on this earth, so ask yourself... what will you accomplish?! 

One of my dream was to help people, but every job I had wouldn't even let me help myself let alone help others. I was frustrated with the mentality of short term thinking, and living weekend to weekend, paycheck to paycheck.. So I got motivated to change! I found those who were living the life that I wanted and I strived to surround myself with their work ethic. Entrepreneurship gave me that opportunity! I started my own company when I was 18, went through 5 different jobs building my asset. Now 21 I will never have to have a job the rest of my life!. Now I get to take my eyes off myself and help others succeed! Association is one of the most powerful things in our lives and too many people never fulfill there dreams because they listen to those who have never created success themselves. So be careful who you listen too. Open your ears to those who have the results and plug your ears around those who don't! Never let anyone steal or shrink your dream and live Skyblue forever! ✌️


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