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Brian Torrence

Brian Torrence

They say it's the journey & not the destination that makes it all worth while. For us, both have been Oscar worthy.

Gold trophies, iPhones, Play Station champions, we will always find our way to the top.

When I was a kid Lelen & I used to go on these late night drives & in high school Alex and I used to cruise the lake at 2am... drifting corners just to see how crazy we could get. Crazy how you easily filled that spot.

Only a matter of time before we reach our destination.

The stories are pretty epic, makes me want to read the chapter over again. But then again there's no use in reliving the past when the future's even better.

Not only is this one for the Subaru, but this one's for the minivan, the Audi, the Tahoe & the planes too. For the burnt CDs & 20 minute drives up 405. The cabin, glass lake, burnt marshmallows & low flying shooting stars.

The future.