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Brian Torrence

Brian Torrence

You're going to hurt your back carrying all that weight

Because a mountain of stress comes with that mountain of food on your plate

Sit around the dinner table, hold hands & pray with the greats

Leave one eye open just to save face

To get the goal we need all eyes closed

Full immersion, jump into our dreams & watch us float

Walk across the water, 'round up the village

Bring back the dead just to make a killing

Jimi needs to be great again, my grandma's cooking need to be ate again

Missed the bus to my dreams, bet I won't be late again

Praying to the gods for a sign or a hand of help

If the rumors are true, I'm just praying to myself

Be careful, take your time as you manifest your future

Some will latch & take you for a ride like an Uber

The weight didn't get lighter, you just got a little stronger

Once you think you got it, wait even longer

Time heals all, time tells all

True colors show when summer turn to fall

So I carry the weight like a gold medal around my neck

Not knowing what's next, I transfer the weight from my shoulders to my chest

A heart of gold will conquer worlds