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Skyblue In My Carry-On

Skyblue In My Carry-On

Skyblue. It is so much than just a seven letter word. It is a mantra. A lifestyle. A way to conduct and carry yourself. Mostly, it's how you perceive the world around you. You see, we all have to deal with the struggles around us. Be it the workload at your job, a relationship that's emotionally draining or the pressure of your schoolbooks weighing heavy on your shoulders. It doesn't matter if you're a professional athlete or teach 7th grade. We will all feel the weight of the world on our shoulders from time to time. We are all human. We are all made of flesh and blood. We all have to make important life decisions from day to day using the exact same tools. Our brains and hearts.

What if told you, that you are the master of your life. That it is you and no one else that will write the pages in The Book Of You. That it is you that decides if it will be a Million dollar thriller that features all the riches, world domination and heck of a storyline or if it's gonna be the backpage of TMZ.

You are the master of your life. The next time you face an obstacle in life, it is up to you to see it as an obstacle or a challenge that life is throwing at you so you can grow. So you can become a better version of you. Because we are all constantly in competetion. It might seem like you're in competition with the incumbent starter or the accomplished all star. With whoever is sliding in your crush's DM's or with your siblings. It may seem that you are always in competition with the next man or woman. But there's only one true competition. Somebody you always have to beat to reach your personal goals. It is yesterday's You. The person you was yesterday. Better that person. Because there is no greater good than personal growth.

Learn a new trade. Develop a jumpshot. Study a foreign language. Play an instrument. Become smarter. Only by applying ourselves can we reach personal satisfaction. Because if you work on becoming the best version of you that you can be, you have won half the battle. Don't mistake life for Disneyland. It's a struggle. A daily fight. But when you sit at that throne, happy and accomplished, you will realize that every step, every tear you shed and every drop of sweat that hit the hardwood. It was all worth it.

I met Reggie Moore a couple of years ago in Los Angeles after I got off my Amsterdam flight. That's right. Even Amsterdam is into Skyblue. If you ever get the chance, hit the most Skyblue city in the world. And hit me up. But back to Reggie. To me, Reggie embodies all that is Skyblue. When I met the young blood, he had just signed with an agent. On his way to the NBA. It was clear the young man had made some mistakes. Here was an immensely talented baller. Somebody who could literally go from 0 to 100 real quick. But some bad advice and bad management have to put his dreams to play on the hardwood on hold. Put his ability to cash in on hold. But Reggie never let any of this get to him. All he did? Was work. And when in doubt? Work some more. Never letting down. And never just betting on one horse. Because Reggie was not just building his own legacy. He was building relationships in the process. Relationships that were built on mutual interest. Relationships that can't be broken. Relationships that have led to this. To building a brand, Skyblue, that is already being followed by so many. And that will only grow from here on out.

So the next time you are faced with a dilemma. A stressful situation or whatever curveball life throws at you. Just realise that you can not change what happens around you but that you decides how this affects you mentally. Never lose sight of the prize. Being the best you that you can be. Because at the end of the day, that is all that really matters. You see, the best you will attract all kinds blessings. They may be disguised as unwanted guests but when dealt with properly will lavish you with more riches than you ever thought possible.

They say, the most powerful weapon in the world is your mind. And a weapon charged with Skyblue bullets will fend off all enemies and protect all your loved ones and make them feel protected. For it is you that is Skyblue. It is you who will smile through all the struggles, shrug off all the dirt and just keeps on moving. Such is life. Such is Skyblue
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