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Skyblue Profile: Marcus Capers

Skyblue Profile: Marcus Capers

Marcus Capers is easily one of the coolest people I've ever met in my life. I met him when I took my recruiting visit to Washington State University in 2009, him & Deangelo Casto were my two hosts. I knew Casto already from playing against him in high school, but Marcus was a new face. I'm pretty quiet around new people, I like to feel them out before I get into conversation. But Cape (as I like to call him), is one of those individuals who has a way of getting the most out of you no matter what. His energy is more contagious than your common cold. 

As soon as I officially stepped on campus for school, Marcus & I had a bond like we had been friends for 5 years already. You know, those type of homies that argue one minute & laugh together the next. The type of friends who get annoyed with each other, but won't go to a party without the other. Yeah, that's my dog. Country as hell, from Winter Haven, FL, you can barely understand the gibberish that comes out of his mouth, but that's part of what makes Cape, Cape. I wish you guys could hear Abe & Klay impersonate him, classic locker room jokes.

My freshman year was one for the books, on & off the court but my life really changed in the summer of 2010. We always had to stay on campus during the summers to work camps for kids, basketball workouts & classes. It was pretty boring, because not many students stayed at school; just the athletes & some summer school students. I lived with one of the basketball managers, Casey Tucker, slept on a mattress in his living room. Every morning before working camps, me & him would play FIFA & Cape would pick us up about 10 minutes before we'd have to be there.

So one day as camp was ending, I walked over to Cape & Tuck, "Yo, we going to kick it & play FIFA today?"

Tuck, "Is the sky blue?"

Me, "What?"

Cape, "Fool, is the sky blue?"

Me, "Ummmm, yeah?"

They both looked at me like I was the dumbest kid they knew & I slowly started to get it.

"Ooooooooh, is the sky blue? I get it, that's pretty dope."

After that day, anytime we wanted to hang out, we would just say, "Skyblue?" And that right there is how this whole thing started.

As I was saying earlier, Cape's energy is undeniable. He taught me how to walk in a room & fill it up with your vibes, without even trying. Cape knew I was a weirdo. Just like to chill, soak up vibes, talk to a few people, but always down for a random mission. We'd find ourselves in situations you'd never guess. I was always the athlete that cherished the love from my peers more than anything, so I was always down to show love to people who showed love to us. We'd walk down Greek Row, get invited to the most random parties. People wouldn't expect us to show up, but we did. Capers would walk in & steal the show. Talking to everyone, clear out space on the dance floor for him to dance, pass out drinks. Whatever it took to have a good time, just pure dopeness. 

I like to sit back and observe, and as time went on I could see how Macus affected everyone. Slowly, minute by minute, people would become their true selves.

Next thing you know, the shy, quiet, frat kid that's never said a word to me starts free styling in my ear.

The square kid who never really drinks decides, "Eh, I guess I'll try yours."

The girls started saying, "I usually don't do this, but..."

The 6'5 300lb Samoan football player, starts showing off his singing skills. 

The homie from Oakland, who's never liked the taste of beer, is all of a sudden 4 games deep in beer pong.

Marcus brought nothing but love & energy to the scene. I admired that, & added it to my life repertoire. Before us, the athletes & frat kids had no desire to kick it with each other. But once we showed them that we were there just to have a good time, just like they were, it was all love from then on. I loved that feeling of bringing two different worlds together. Showing people a life they had no idea existed. Showing people how to have fun like they never had before.

So I took that idealism from the interaction between athletes & frat kids, and wanted to spread it to the entire world.

And that my friend, is how the lifestyle of Skyblue was originated.