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Brian Torrence

Brian Torrence

This is the only time I'll smoke a cigarette.
Step outside the house party, just to get a breathe of fresh air.
Talk about life with my best friend, the drunk confessions.
Standing on the porch, you can still hear the muffled music from inside.
It be cold in Washington, can see your breathe when you're talking. But it's perfect hoodie weather.
Look up at the stars, for awhile you forgot they even existed.
You wrote the speech, but you let Jack Daniels do the talking for you.
For those 3 hours time stood still.
Wish you could say the same about your thoughts.
Chasing bad ideas with a smile on your face,
Step back inside because the alcohol is starting to wear off.
But your charisma didn't, that still floats around the room.
I wasn't going to come but now that I'm here I'm glad I came.
I had some shit on my mind that I had to let go.
8 shots & 3 rounds of beer pong always cures that,
for the time being at least.
The real remedy is the souls that I interact with.

The drunken dad that's so happy to be around the youth. The gangsters that finally get to live a little. The prom queen who just left rehab, the band geek who's on his way & the jock who actually needs it. The girl who's going to pretend like this never happened. The proud users & the one's who can't look themselves in the mirror. The weekday slaves turned to weekend warriors.

Last night I was too drunk to write this down, but how could I let a memory like this fade away.
50 shades of grey and the sky has never been so blue.
And then you hear that one song that reminds you of why you're still alive.
Take another sip of the potion and that one might've been the one to take you over.
Buzz bigger than bee hives.
You've never seen the person that offered you that drink before and you'll never see them again, so who's to say that they weren't an angel?
So many people have come down this road, freezing time by repeating songs.
Laughter contagious as the common cold, I never want to go home.
Every mistake is a blessing, so never abort it.
Being in this environment is painless torture.
I've gotten over lying to myself, just living for the things I actually want,
Because death's going to come sooner than a morning when you're having fun.