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RIP Mac Miller.. Skyblue Radio (Mac Tribute)

RIP Mac Miller.. Skyblue Radio (Mac Tribute)

Mac Miller was one of the biggest influences on the Skyblue lifestyle. We started around 2009/2010 and that's no coincidence. That era of music created such a vibe that we could relate to. Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, A$AP, Kid Cudi, Dom K and more artists that I'm missing. They created this ora about life, that made us believe that we could have fun and live out the dreams that play inside our brains.

Raging parties, playing sports, creating art and enjoying this life was everything we lived for in the Waffle House (where Skyblue was created). We listed to KIDS nonstop and Best Day Ever was an album that made us feel happy again. 

Mac, I wish you understood how much you were loved. Your talent speaks for itself and your love for music was so evident. You had such a wide range of fans and that's exactly how we like to represent ourselves over here at Skyblue. 

Much love bro. I love you to death and I'm going to miss you. The gang put together a mix of our favorite songs of yours bro. Enjoy. SKYBLUE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!