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What Means The World To You #SkyBlue Skyblue , what does it mean to you? To me it's love, friendship, overcoming adversity, motivated to be great by the people you surround yourself with; those people you call friends. Those friends who are there supporting your dreams right there as if it were their own. After all that is what a friend is right? Someone who is always there when you need them, to lift you up when you feel down. A friend to me is not a noun, but a verb, an action. Anyone can say they're your friend but...

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Why is it that we all want what we can't have and yet lack appreciation for the special things we have right in front of us? It is a question asked a number of times. I put it in the same category as; why do we only pray (ask God for help) when things are going bad and "forget" to give thanks when things are going well? We are all guilty of this at one point or another, it is clear that no one is perfect and THATS OK! It's very important to understand that. Living in an "LA lifestyle"...

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