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Slovenia First Experience Hop of the long ass plane ride and finally I'm in Europe, Austria to be exact and I got another three hour drive to Polzela, Slovenia. I'm nervous af cuz I'm supposed to find some random ass dude and I don't have any wifi. But on the bright side I see some bad ones in he airport so I'm thinking hell yeah I'm on. Luckily I come out baggage claim and there's some sketchy ass Slovenian dude with some bootleg sign with my name on it. I'm like smooth that was easy I walk up to bruh...

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My Name is DaVonte Lacy, I am an alumni of Washington State University and fortunate enough to continue my career playing basketball professionally in Europe. Having been here for a little over 3 months, I would be lying if I said this transition was easy. The village I am playing for is in the far southeast corner of Austria with the population of 3500. Güssing is the name the place I live and we're about 30 min. from the Slovenian border, also 30 min from the closest McDonald’s smh. Although I've been to college, this is a whole new experience...

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