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Photo by: Nigel Cooper Photography I’m here to bring a perspective that many of you may not think to associate with Skyblue; Health & Fitness. Just as the athlete, the misfit, & the daredevil have all begun to live this Skyblue lifestyle, so has the girl with a passion for nutrition and fitness. Being a college girl who has had her struggles with the freshman 15, I can’t help but emphasize how important it is to take care of your body. It’s taken 4 years to progress to where I am now, and I am not yet done progressing; which...

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Why is it that we all want what we can't have and yet lack appreciation for the special things we have right in front of us? It is a question asked a number of times. I put it in the same category as; why do we only pray (ask God for help) when things are going bad and "forget" to give thanks when things are going well? We are all guilty of this at one point or another, it is clear that no one is perfect and THATS OK! It's very important to understand that. Living in an "LA lifestyle"...

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Top 10 Urban Style Brands 1. Fear of God 2. Zanerobe 3. Supreme 4. KITH 5. Sixth June 6. Del Toro 7. Off White 8. Embellish 9. Publish 10. Four Star Honorable Mention: Axel Arigato

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It wasn't until the end of my freshman year of college when I realized I needed a change. I was going down a path I knew was detrimental for my future, and one day I just woke up and thought to myself, this is not what I want. This is not who I want to be. Fitness has always been a passion of mine growing up, and I began to really use it as my outlet as the years went on. After gaining some weight my freshman year I fought hard to get into shape, but it was more of...

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