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My brother Mpact is a hometown legend. Every time he drops some new music, not only does he get Skyblue's support, but he has the whole city of Seattle backing him. I heard he's working on a new full length (pause) project. While we wait on that, he's a new video from his song "Litty".

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Mpact's long awaited, The Popular Stranger. Seattle's new recording artist has always had the gift of rhyming now he's finally blessed us with a full project to listen to. After listening to it for a few days, I have to admit it was much better than I expected. I initially expected the tape to be a couple cool freestyle type songs over nice beats, but the Popular Stranger is far from that. Skits that give you a real life feel, along with songs filled with pure content. Giving us that knowledge, along with stories from the neighborhood. This was a...

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"Straight outta Sea Town, a laid back brotha named Mpact!" My old English teacher told me the first sentence of any piece of writing is the most important & that's what I came up with. Impressive, yes I know. Yet this won't be a lesson on proper literature, but a cry for help to any man who holds a positive influence in their community. I'm here to pose a question to all the readers: What the hell happened to all the big homies?Through countless studies of Worldstar Hip Hop videos, numerous Facebook status updates & pointless Snapchat videos... It's quite...

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