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"Iron Maiden" - Iron Maiden  With a serious nod of the head to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden's debut was a cornerstone of the new wave of British heavy metal. By fusing punk rock's energy with prog's intricate changes the band unleashed a high octane fracas of metal bangers. Derek Riggs originally painted "Electric Matthew Says Hello" with a punk cover in mind until Iron Maiden's management asked him to add some hair and in this way the band's mascot, Eddie, was born. The demented creature was a perfect visual representation of the band's sound. Tough, spooky and high detailed. "Baby,...

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"INXS" - Inxs This self-titled debut with elements of ska and new wave put the band on the Australian pop chart map. However, the road to international fame would prove to be a long and steady one for this working band who started off on the pub circuit in Western Australia. Featuring three siblings, the Farriss brothers (Andrew, Jon and Tim) the addition of Michael Hutchence as photogenic frontman spurred on their ascendancy. In 1997 Hutchence was found dead in an apparent suicide in a Sydney hotel room. "All Things Must Pass" - George Harrison Upon the Beatles' disintegration, guitarist...

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"Dynamite!" - Ike & Tina Turner An early release on New York's Sue label, Dynamite! nails the symbolic and interpersonal tension between these two performers. Tina, cocksure in a mink coat, hip thrust forward, turns away from a leering image of Ike, an spectral figure of surveillance on the cover. The label's logo, created by co-founder Juggy Murray, features a silhouette of his daughter, with a star replacing her birthmark. ....... "Licensed To Ill" - Beastie Boys "The Beastie Boys were just a bunch of little guys and I wanted us to have a Beastie Boys jet. I wanted to embrace...

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"Exile On Main St" - Rolling Stones This disorienting collage was as confounding to 1972 audiences as the album's freewheeling sonic pastiche, heralded later as the Stones' best. With drafting tape and torn paper, John Van Hamersveld fashioned Robert Frank's photographs into a prescient composition that foretold the later punk aesthetic in popular culture. Twelve perforated postcards of Norman Seeff's work were included as a peace offering from Keith Richards, whose heroin-fueled antics had derailed the photographer's earlier shoot for the album. ........ "Disintegration" - The Cure Parched Art was the official name for the Cure guitarist Porl Thompson and...

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