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Who Showed You Your First Music?

Who Showed You Your First Music?

Yesterday me and my boys had a conversation that sparked an interesting life question.. what was the first music you heard and who showed it to you?

With my father being in the penitentiary for most of my adolescent life I spent the majority of that time getting the game from my grandfather, Prience Moore, and my uncle, Lelen Moore.

My grandpa was our little league football and basketball coach and before the games he would always slap E-40 & BLegit. He actually named one of his teams 'The Click'. He also showed me Snoop Dogg's 'Last Meal' and Too $horts 'Whats My Favorite Word'. We listened to George Benson a lot. He always said Jimi Hendrix was the best, but we didn't listen to him really.

My uncle Lee showed me the GOAT himself, Mac Dre. I thank him mostly for that because if you don't know Mac Dre's music, then there's a certain part of this game of life you're missing. Crazy how you're life has a soundtrack to it. Because when I listen to X-Raided or 8Ball & MJG's 'Crumbz to Brixx', all I think about is riding in my uncle's '72 Cutlass through the 206.