This one's for the youth. The kids who showed up to class with their homework folded in their pockets. The one's who listen to music, creating a world that will soon exist. This is for the kids who laughed their way through pain, smiled their way out of trouble, and charmed their way into good grades. For the band geeks, the jocks, and the kid that no one knows. Deep down inside, we're all so intrigued by each other. The brave, the misguided, the misunderstood. The unique, the legendary. To the teenage mutant men of the house. The ones who already forgot about the future. The ones who add to the myths not bust them. The dreamers. They'll never admit it, but without us the world would run too perfect. We're proof of the God's improvisation. We leave plenty room for error. And to us death isn't a destination, it's just a checkpoint. To the naive, the greatest gift in the world, because knowing drives us crazy. To the forever young, because to us time doesn't exist, so neither does having a bad time. Here's to the new world & the new kids on the block.

To the Skybluers,
Skyblue forever