Sitting at brunch one day, a good friend of mine asked me what my “why” was. He continued, saying how intrigued he was because he noticed my work ethic was so insane there had to be an immense driving force behind it. Something more powerful than money and “success”. Something more powerful than fame or materialism that was driving me to push Skyblue so relentlessly.

The simple answer to that question is people and life itself.

We only have a certain amount of time on this earth. So if you think about it, when someone gives you their time they’re essentially dying for you. This is something I didn’t understand until I hit rock bottom in Los Angeles. Sleeping in my car, no money in my pocket, thinking about my best friend, Omar, passing away and my deaf grandfather agonizing in pain left me with only two options. Up or down.

Those times forced me to think about the time I spent with people. Did I give them my all? What were the last words my grandfather heard me say? Did I hug Omar like it could possibly be the last time I seen him?

I started my journey with Skyblue after I got kicked out of college for smoking weed. Vivid memories of me lying to my uncle, telling him I wasn’t smoking, when in fact I clearly was. My aunt calling me crying after my dismissal went public. My mother not being able to look me in the eye and being embarrassed to walk around our home town. OGs in the city screaming my name with pride, telling anyone who’d listen that Reg was going to the NBA; only for me to let them down. These are people who, like I mentioned before, “died” for me.

That’s why I’m so sharp and intentional now. Skyblue is my carbon footprint.

What are people going to say about me when I’m gone? How are they going to feel when I’m not around? Did I feed my dog the best food? Did my lady know without a doubt she was loved by me?

I could go on and on for days.

Skyblue - whether that be clothes or life, it’s all about attention to detail.