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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

"I got a hustler spirit, ----- period

Check out my hat yo, peep the way I wear it 

Check out my swag' yo, I walk like a ballplayer

No matter where you go, you are what you are player

And you can try to change, but that's just the top layer

Man, you was who you was before you got here

Only God can judge me, so I'm gone

Either love me, or leave me alone."

"Public Service Announcement" - Jay Z 

12 years ago I was a sophomore in community college, playing on one of the best teams in the nation. Yet, basketball was the furthest thing from my mind. I had mentally checked out of school, I was in a devastating car accident that ejected me from the vehicle, and I had a child on the way. What was I going to do next?

Now fast forward 12 years, I am the Head Basketball Coach at that same school, Green River Community College. 10yrs as a assistant, coming off my 1st season as head coach and producing the winningest season in program history. Topped off with a birth in the tournament Semi-Finals. Crazy right? Who would've thought?

We just kicked off our season, and my wife gave birth to our third child (a girl finally). I have two sons, 12 and 8, who both play AAU basketball year round. The game of basketball has opened up so many doors for me. Ive traveled all over the world, met the most unique people, and have laced up versus some of the best Washington players ever. The gym is my sanctuary.

On the sidelines I am Ryan Blassingame, but off campus I am known as, Goof! A kind hearted, free spirited, walking, talking, abstract painting. Often mis-judged by my appearance and stature. But if you get to know me, I am a open book of knowledge, a passionate thinker, and most of all a good time....I am Skyblue!