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Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing

It's so easy to do the wrong thing!

Ever question yourself on why it's hard to do the right thing? I don't just mean morally, but rather what you know should be done. I'm a firm believer that success comes to individuals who self discipline allows them to remain "right." We all (for the most part Lol) know what needs to take place to better our chances of reaching our goals, but so many times don't. When chances are all you're left with, no wonder why many sway from what they know should be done. But life having no guarantees makes its exciting!!! Shit, who would play sports if the outcome was predetermined. As my man Reg once said I'm trying to be the MVP and Most Improved of life. In the same year. So as we both battle for those awards I'll be in the gym putting up shots (that's a figure of speech for you slow folks)

I'll keep this short knowing our generation doesn't read long messages... At the end of the day it's your life and what's "right" is all perspective.

-Bobby Moore